Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-Con Wrap-up

Calvin and I are stuck in San Diego due to the weather in New York yesterday- at least that's what American Airlines tells us. Could be worse, it is pretty nice here. Anyway, it gives me a chance to post a few more pics.

I enjoyed this con, many favorite books were celebrated at the Eisner awards, and I found many new treasures (and tee-shirts). One thing, the tv and film panels are now so mobbed, you have to commit hours of waiting in line to attend them- and I am not willing to do this. Gone are the days when you could slip in a room and listen to David Cronenburg or Guillermo Del Toro for a few minutes before you went back on the floor to click a few cosplay photos.

Many many many more pictures on flickr

Not surprisingly, there were many Jokers at this con.

Comic-Con is tiring.

Kevin Pereira of G4's Attack of the Show. I am not a fan, but Calvin is, and their panel in the same room as Calvin's (which announced a new comics imprint coming from Abrams).

Reggie Hudlin of B.E.T.announcing 2 new animated series, Black Panther and Hannibal.

Steve Zeitchik of Hollywood Reporter and Calvin exchanging observations about the con.

Many of the PWCW team converged on Joe's Crab Shack right after the floor closed.

Poketo had great stuff and a much larger booth. I always stop here and bring my friends.

There were many military costumes this year.

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