Monday, July 07, 2008

July 4th Weekend

I spent the weekend in the Hamptons at Neilson's mother's boyfriend's house. (Which always strikes me a silly description). Highlights included:

Hanging out with Otis, who has learned to crawl. Well, basically. I never saw him go more than 3 "paces," but he is on the move.

Swimming in the ocean. It wasn't too sunny, but it was warm enough for a dip.

Eating delicious steak. Neilson's mother admitted what I had long suspected--she loves steak and doesn't like fish. She just eats the latter for health/weight reasons.

Eating corn from the farm stand. There was some suspicion that it couldn't possibly be local this early, but it tasted like local corn. Yum.

Hanging out with two cute dogs. It is hard to get a good picture because Penny, the dog in the back, is terrified of cameras and runs if she sees you trying take a shot of her.


Trish said...

Great pictures, Kate. Little Otis is adorable and once the crawling starts, it only gets better. Dinner looks wonderful -- perfect 4th of July fare.

jody said...

Little Otis is so cute!!