Friday, July 25, 2008

Comic-Con 08

Comic-Con, as always, is fabulous, as well as a little bit exhausting. Highlights for me so far are Will Wright, the designer of Spore (he is the creator of the Sims, too.) I don't think I can get this game, making art work will be over for ever. I won't be able to tear myself away to eat, sleep or go to work. Chip Kidd had a great presentation on Bat-Manga, a book he is working on that shows the Japanese interpretation of Batman in the '60s.

Lots of fans, great costumes. The hallway in our hotel, which used to be a bank, looks like the hallway in Barton Fink. Hopefully there will be no catastrophic incidents.

Will Wright

The Dharma Iniative had a presence on the floor.

Yes, I saw Ari from Entourage! Gerard Butler was also signing, but I couldn't get a picture

Calvin forgot his charger, but the Sprint store was just a block away.

Ev from Viz Media. She is the Queen of Swag.

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