Thursday, July 10, 2008

Road Trip

Calvin and I have been motoring through New York State since Monday- it feels very 19th century. We visited friends in the Catskills, now we are in Oswego.

First we visited Jim and Tiffany and adorable Marlo.

Next Laura and Eric and adorable Leon.

The seagulls at the stands were particularly aggressive today. Calvin was divebombed. Can't tell from these pictures, though he is huddling protectively over his food.


Molly said...

The babyist road trips continue.

Did they get any of Calvin's food?

jody said...

I guess it looks bad for me. We did visit someone else, but the pictures I took there weren't too good.

No, but they scraped his hat with their wings.

Kate C. said...

Babyism should be encouraged! Poor Calvin--I think that image of the wings scraping his hat might give me nightmares.

Molly said...

I am now a believer in babyism. I think the Culkins have a new bird to fear on top of pigeons.

jody said...

Yes, they are really much worse.