Monday, July 21, 2008

Blogs O Friends

My friend Sarah is blogging about her "Green Zone" gardening project in Providence this summer. The Green Zone is "an organic vegetable, herb, and flower garden installation located at Firehouse 13 in Providence, RI for the summer of 2008. It is planted in the detritus of wartime consumption: used tires, shopping bags, shoes, and other repurposed containers. The Green Zone blog will provide updates on Green Zone and survey civilian wartime gardens, edible landscapes, community gardens, and the like." She started at the beginning of July, and so far it has been really interesting.

My friend Jen is the writer behind Book Club Girl. She works for Harper Collins, but blogs about new books from all publishing houses, as well as giving book club tips and updates about movie and tv adaptions of classic novels. There are regular opportunities to win free books, as well, and she hosts an online radio show with an author regularly. I've won two books this year already.

Neilson has returned to work on his NYC restaurant review database, Gaping Maw, after putting it aside to work on his thesis. Contributions are welcome! ETA--I meant contributions of reviews, not dollars!

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jody said...

Gaping Maw, what a great name!