Sunday, July 13, 2008

Oswego in July

We are back in New York after our upstate tour. Unfortunately we missed hot yoga- Sandy has different hours in the summer and I foolishly didn't call her to check. I got up at seven and started drinking water for nothing- we got there fifteen minutes late rather than fifteen minutes early.

Other than that, Oswego was great. We visited the bookstore several times, bought vegetables at the farmer's market, I took pictures of items in the house, and we had a little dinner party. (Wii Fit is perfect for the tv room, in case anyone else wants to travel with their console and balance board.)

Bill Reilly at the River's End Bookstore, which is surviving the temporary closure of the bridge.

Calvin waiting for his sandwich at the Roscoe Diner.

Tasty ginger and lime cocktail at Sunita's bar. We stopped by after arriving back in NY. Sunita lives upstairs with her daughters over this tiny bar on Norfolk Street close to our house. She is lovely and makes very delicious cocktails


Kym said...

I want to be in New York and have summer cocktails with you like we used to do. Oh well. You will have to have one with Mom this weekend and send up a toast for me.

Trish said...

Kim's recollection of the cocktail tradition sounds pretty appealing, Jody. I'd like to try one of those ginger-lime creations myself. I assume there's alcohol too -- vodka?

jody said...

Yes, it is vodka. There were also very thinly sliced fresh cucumber pieces floating in there. Sounds weird, but it was delicious.

Your mom and I will be toasting you with a tasty cocktail, Kym. I remember drinking a blackberry martini (I think) at AKA, which sadly no longer exists on Clinton St.