Saturday, July 26, 2008


So the debris pile, fondly nicknamed Dollywood, is mostly complete, although we did add quite a bit after these pictures. At this size, however, what we added doesn't really show up on camera. It only took about 26 hours of work spread over 3 days, but only about 2 of those hours were in the last day, today. The power came back on this morning and Matt and I, being a little overcooked from the last week, took most of the day off. More pictures and a full account to come later, but we thought these fit the current theme best.
Our pile stretches across the whole yard right next to the street and is about 6 feet tall.


Kate C. said...

Is the picture at the dump also post-Dolly? You guys are champs!

jody said...

What a mess! But you look so cute!