Sunday, July 27, 2008

Computer Woes/Elvis Update

My iBook seems to have died. The battery life had been getting shorter and shorter, and the computer had taken to shutting off without warning, so I had just been using it when it was plugged in. On Friday, however, it shut off while plugged in, seemingly for good. I was hoping it was just the battery, but Neilson subbed in his battery from his old iBook and the computer still won't start. I am going to take it to the Apple Store, but my hopes are not high. I actually don't mind buying a new computer, as I had planned to buy one within the next 6 months anyway. My iBook is well over 3 years old, an eon in Mac years. But I keep hearing rumors that the new MacBook is going to be a complete redesign, and I don't want to spend $1000 on a computer that is instantly obsolete. Rumor has it that the there will be a release sometime in the fall, perhaps late September. Even if it isn't a major redesign, I don't want to buy in at the end of a Mac cycle. And since Dad gave me an external hard drive for Christmas, I have most things backed up. But I need a computer, especially as I start to gear up for the fall semester. Luckily, I am a pack rat. My old original iBook--the clamshell with the handle and neon colors--still works. It took a while to get the internet working, but I can check my e-mail and write on it, which is all I need for the short term. I don't think I can get an internet browser to work with the old operating system that will do everything I want it to--for instance, I can read Blogger blogs, but I can't post or comment. (I am writing this at the library). But it should work until Apple releases whatever they are going to release.

In Elvis news, he is doing a little better. He has staked out the bathtub, which is much preferable to the litter box. I made him a bed in there, and he has his own litter in there as well. He is eating a ton and has started drinking water again; I am getting a little better at the IV, but he is getting stronger so it is still pretty hard. He feels more comfortable and has been very chatty and social when ever I go into see him. Poor Audrey, though. The bathtub has always been her turf, since the day them moved in (8 years ago last week). I have some funny pictures of her staring at him and jumping in the tub with him; if I can load them onto my old/new computer, I will post them.


Molly said...

Sadly I think that my macbook died today too. I don't need it for the bar but my few breaks for internet distraction are over. I am so pissed/sad.

Trish said...

Kate - this is good news about Elvis. I'm sorry Audrey is miffed, but it's nice that Elvis has found a place where he feels comfortable.

As for your MAC - if it can't be resuscitated, you might want to ask the MAC people if they can put teh hard drive on an external caddy sp you can read/import any stuff that's not backed up. I want to buy a MAC too but I hadn't heard about the next generation thing. I guess I'll wait a little while.

Say hello to Elvis and Audrey from all of us, ok?

jody said...

Rumors about the new Mac Book.