Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Little Geneva in New York

I bought some Red Jacket strawberries at Whole Foods the other day. They were on sale, but I bet they are still cheaper in Geneva. I couldn't find any cherry stomp.


Trish said...

I think we bought at least 12 quarts of strawberries from Red Jacket this summer -- Grandmary made strawberry shortcake at least three times, with home made biscuits and real whipped cream. She also made two batches of strawberry jam and we have strawberries for breakfast most days.

Note, though, that the Geneva Red Jacket store does not package the berries in any slick way -- they come in plain green cardboard pint or quart containers or big flats of 10 and 20 quarts. All are a little unwieldy.

They are also not of uniform size or color. Some are small, some are big, and they are all shades of red.

However, they all taste WONDERFUL, and someday we should have a June strawberry reunion in Geneva so we can have all we want.

Trish said...

As an FYI, Hillary was at Red Jacket Farms yesterday to speak about farm issues. Mark Nicholson, a Red Jacket third generation guy (I went to school with his parents) has been a big Hillary for awhile. I'll so a separate post about it since I can;t figure out how to put a link in the comments.