Friday, July 25, 2008

Oswego cellar cleanup

As you can see from the photo much trash has been removed from the cellar. Many papers mostly old checks and financial records have been shredded. You are now able to walk around the rooms in the cellar and they are somewhat organized. This was accomplished with John's help and Bikram Yoga Oswego at 150 W 3rd St. Sandy continues to be a fabulous instructor. The classes are at different times than before. MWF 7:00 9:00 5:30 TT 4:00 Sat 9:00. I have really enjoyed going and I have improved. HarborFest is in full swing so hopefully more photos of that tomorrow.


CReid said...

Go Bets, go John, go Sandy.

from Jody-not creid- too much trouble to log him out.

Kate C. said...

All the Necks are rocking this week!