Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bets and John in NY

Bets and John came to the Big Apple for a whirlwind visit. Much tasty food was prepared and eaten, even though it seemed to be about 110 degrees in my apartment. John is now an expert on food shopping on the Lower East Side (and the Union Square Farmer's Market). We also went to the Met, looked at a historical photography show and visited the roof garden. Kate came by for dinner Saturday night- we had a 6 or 7 course meal- I forgot to take pictures. As I said, it was hot.

I also tried to convert Bets to the cult of Wii Fit. She excelled, particularly at Wii yoga and strength training.


Kate C. said...

The dinner was great, despite the heat.

Molly said...

Mom is talking to me on the phone. I miss NYC in the summer even if it is 110.